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Jefforie Appreciation Society

Jefforie Appreciation Society
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Jefforie Appreciation Society

This is Jefforie:

We don't know how old he is, the vet guessed at about 6 or 7. His life started out badly, he most likely had cat flu and was abandoned as a kitten*. He grew up on the streets of Sutton (London), he spent his days sleeping rough and eating the odd scraps, when he eventually taken in for 'the op'. But by the time he had the op, he had already grown into a large manly cat. When he came out from the op a he was adopted by a family in sutton, but he had to sleep outside and was really sad because he didn't get much attention. So a few years later he moved out to the country in sussex where he now lives. He lives with a nice family who love him lots. He now spends his time sleeping and eating and occasionaly catching mice. Jefforie now loves having his photo taken and is considering offers to become a model.


This is for anyone who loves Jefforie, or thinks he is cute or who just loves cats. Anyone can join, and feel free to post anything, including photos/stories of your cats!

Membership includes special friends only entries with exclusive photos and stories!

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*this is not based on fact, and was never and will never be proved

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